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Welcome to Deelicious Kitchen where we are going to learn how to make innovative cocktails and simply creative dishes that your friends and family will love, all while having fun engaging with like-minded culinary enthusiasts.

You will learn healthier ways of preparing meals that everyone in your family can enjoy.  Dishes that will be packed with flavor by using fresh in-season ingredients. Begin by booking a class that fits your culinary desires. You will be sent a link with information to join in on a live class. Step by step lives cooking demonstration will take you from beginning to the end of a delicious course.  You will be able to ask questions as we make a fabulous meal. Ingredients and tips for preparing for each class will be sent once you have booked your virtual class.

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Private Cooking Lessons

Book 1 hour private cooking lessons with DeeDee. Perfect for individuals, groups or couples. Inquire for pricing.

Our Promise


What You Can Expect

People who learn with Dee'Licious Kitchen achieve amazing outcomes. Our classes cut to the core of the subjects they cover, dissecting them in ways that are comprehensible and engaging to viewers. Whatever your individual goals may be, we’re confident that our Cooking Videos will foster consistent and substantial improvements.


About Dee'Licious Kitchen

Since 2000, I have been creating a culinary learning platform that has helped our online community achieve their personal and professional goals. Individuals can sign up for virtual cooking classes through my engaging and high-quality live classes through the comfort of your own kitchen. I will provide helpful resources to guide you through the learning process.

Our content provides engaging and interesting learning opportunities to people around the world, guiding home cooks to identify their strengths and fill in their learning gaps. When you participate in our Cooking Classes, you’re embarking on a journey of culinary discovery and understanding.


Next Level Culinary Techniques


Practice Makes Perfect

We will create meals together that everyone from beginners to serious cooks can enjoy.  Our classes will ensure that you leave with a wealth of ideas, techniques and a full belly.

DeeDee Goodman

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